MyEva is your personal digital financial adviser, here to help you feel more in control of your finances. MyEva will help you link financial goals to your desired lifestyle choices and prioritise and reach these goals.  They may be clearing debt, building up your savings, buying a home, preparing for retirement and so much more.

She’ll also ensure you receive regulated, trusted financial advice – if you need it. If MyEva can’t give you advice, she’ll introduce you to someone who can. Sometimes this will be an introduction to her wider team of humans!

MyEva will refer you to her advice team colleagues in order to provide a personalised, independent advice service for more complex requirements. They’ll look at your entire financial picture, from your current situation to medium and long-term aims, and create a bespoke plan designed to meet your goals.

MyEva is brought to you by Wealth Wizards who were founded in 2009 with one aim: to use technology to make expert financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone.

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