Our revolutionary app combines education, guidance and regulated financial advice.

MyEva enables employees to take action and implement meaningful changes to their finances, no matter what their starting point.


Providing an individual experience through a simple to-do list based on the friendly and comprehensive Financial Health Check


Covering all areas of personal finance, from buying a home to planning retirement, managing bills to borrowing; MyEva can help with all life events


MyEva will help your employees make a plan and then give them the odd notification to make sure they stay on plan and achieve their financial goals

Financial wellbeing insights and MI

You’ll be able to measure the results every step of the way with detailed analysis that’ll help you:

  • Identify the key financial concerns and priorities of your employees
  • Highlight the key areas for improvement
  • Address these concerns Nerd Emoji
  • Meet all of your financial wellbeing engagement and inclusivity goals Party Popper


financial wellbeing in the workplace with personalised, digital advice and guidance


the success of your financial wellbeing programme with clear MI


your employees the right tools to improve their financial health


pension engagement and financial planning among employees


what your employees are worried about


and retain staff with a personal and useful benefit

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